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This site is for adults only.  The things shown here can be very dangerous so please don't try anything shown here without learning more about the risks and safety precautions required. :)  In other words, don't blame me if you hurt yourself!

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This web site shows many of my experiments and projects as I have learned metal casting the past few years.  I have found it to be an amazing hobby...there is always something new to try and learn.

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big fish
dog sled
old lock
Good luck!
blub, blub!
Iditarod, here we come!
a real job
sailing, take me away...
Guess what this machine is?
For pewter casting
David Gingery lathe
Sail boat
third star to the right and on till morning!
good doggie
play safe
You can take that to the bank!  not!
bad indeed
House number
lost foam
foam cutter
hot wire foam cutter
Three big fish
aluminum fish
School of Fish
Lost foam casting fish
Baby you can ring my bell!
!!Warning!!  I have a wierd
sense of humor!!!
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Giddy UP!
Giddy UP!