foam cutter

Here is the foam cutter set up ready to run.  The dimmer switch on the left controlls the outlet where the battery charger is plugged into.  The charger leads go one to the top 1/4 inch bolt, and one to the bottom contact.  The bottom contact is actually a little plumbing fitting that I wrapped the wire around.  I use mig welder wire for the "cutting " wire.  The weight is my idea for a wire tensioner...basically the first thing that cought my eye...I will have to upgrade to a spring if I ever get the chance...But, Hey!  it works!
Page created 12-17-2005
Here are three pictures of my wire foam cutter.  Thanks to members of the hobbicast list, I was able to come up with this design.  The second picture is a close up of the way I mounted the wire on the top.  I drilled a small hole up the middle of the quarter inch bolt. Then I drilled in from the side with a second hole to thread the wire out the side.  I put the nut on first and then tighten it back down onto the wire.  The bolt is threaded through a piece of thick plastic.  It has a philips screw on the top that I use to turn it to give the wire tension.  I just put my battery charger cables on the top of the bolt and the bottom of the wire and it is ready to go
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I bought some Iconel wire for my foam cutter and it really does make a huge difference.  If you would like to try some, I will send you 2 foot of wire for $ USA and Canada.  Click on the paypal link to buy, then send me an e-mail so I know quickly that you ordered it.

Here are the specs. on the wire:
Inconel X750 .012"
Nickel/Chromium/Molybdenum alloy which has an exceptional combination of oxidation resistance, fabricability and high temperature strength.