Lock Repair
Backyard Foundry

Broken hub spindle in lock.
Replacement casting.
Melted crucible with unmelted cast iron still inside.  In the upper right side, you can see the streams of iron that ran out when I pulled the crucible out of my furnace.
Sorry Hobbicast people...I thought I had a picture of it when it was completed...I will have to take one later and post it here....Of course it is well used and rusty now :0    I put wire in the lid to hold the refractory and just use this for my cover/ lid.  The handles make a nice place to put my tongs through to lift the lid off.  I used the plastic bucket for a form for the inside and also for the vent hole.  For the main furnace form, I riveted the plastic together and put duct tape over the seam to smooth it out.  When cured, I just knocked off the rivets and collapsed the form.
The burner tube is 1/2 inch, turned down slightly to fit in my 3/4 inch tulier.  The T fitting is 1 1/2 inch.  You can see the set screws I put into the end cap to secure the nipple.
This is a close up of the burner nozzle...Tweco mig welder tip.                      I have melted cast iron with this burner.
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