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Here are some pictures of my first semi-successful injecting run.  I made the mold with Bondo and fiberglass resin.  It worked OK, but it is starting to develop some cracks.  I think I need to get a better system or nozzle for the machine so that my mold doesn't get so hot and stay so hot.  As some of you experienced folks can probably see, the side of the mold that was closest to the heater band/machine stayed too hot.  (where the sprue is)

This is the pattern.
This is the mold
Final product.  The blue is Polypropelene, the white is High density polyethelene
Here are two pictures of my machine.  I made it from a commercial door closer...the kind that are up in the door top jamb.  Total cost was 112 dollars.  That was for the heater band, controller, thermocouple and relay that I got from Budget Molders supply.  They were real helpful.
Posted 5-23-04
This is the crab mallet that I am looking to cast in pewter.  I tried to make it be actual size...at least it is in my browser.  If you have any suggestions about how I would do this, (I am thinking I will make an RTV mold) please send me an e-mail.  (Click below)  Thank you,
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