E-Zine  Jan 1, 2009

This Plaque took a while because I had problems getting it to fill.  It took 4 tries to get it right...But it did finally come out good. Blue links are clickable.  They will open in another window so you can look at them latter.

Remember to be safe in all you do and don't blame me if you hurt yourself!

Here are some pictures of the patterns I made with foam.
I used the "Poor Man's CNC" I made to cut out the main plaque.

I coated the face with drywall mud.  The first three trys didn't fill completely.  On one attempt, I used a silicon dioxide core to try to help it fill without collapsing.  Here is a picture of that:

Here is the first failed pour.  I am thinking it failed because I ran the foam sprue the whole way down the back of the pattern...so the middle melted before the metal got to it.  Or maybe I just wasn't pouring fast enough.

I didn't take a picture of the last foam pattern...It was much like the first three!  I used my k-bond sand to imbed the foam pattern...just like a regular pattern...but you just leave the pattern in the flask.  Well, it worked...I did have the metal blow out the side of my flask because I used too small a flask...but the pattern was in the drag section so it turned out to be a complete fill anyways.
Here it is as cast

Here it is sand blasted
Here it is after putting the Liver of Sulphur patina on it.  I believe I got this idea from Ammens book.

Here is a picture of my semi-completed furnace.  I am using my lid from my old furnace.

Here is me with my Christmas presents...casting gloves and work light.
Well, that's all Folks!  Hope you enjoyed it...leave a message on this page in the guestbook so we can all see who has been here!  I am going to be finishing up my furnace soon and will send that out when I am done.
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Here is a video of me pouring one of these plaques!

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Click for bigger picture!
Here it is done with increllac finish on it.
Click on the picture if you would
like to see it bigger
Here it is the picture I used to cut out the plaque.