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There are many ways to make a flask for metal casting.  This page shows an easy way to make a flask using wood.  The one I am making here is very small for a project I am working on but it can easily be adapted to make whatever size flask you want.

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Completed Flask
Giddy UP!
How I make a flask using wood
For a flask used for sand casting metal, you will need a cope and a drag.  The two parts come apart in the middle so that a pattern can be put into the flask, sand rammed around the pattern, the pattern removed and the metal poured into the cavity left where the pattern was removed from.  My next e-zine will show how I use this flask to make a small mold.

I remember which is the cope and drag by thinking that the drag...which is the bottom piece, is the one that "drags" on the floor.  Usually, the pattern is placed on a board the the drag is put over it with the center on the drag placed around the pattern.  Then, the sand is rammed around the pattern until the drag is full.  Next, the drag is flipped over, parting dust is applied, the cope is put in place and rammed full of sand.  Then, the flask is taken apart and the pattern removed...shannels are poured for the metal to flow into the mold and for the gasses to be able to exit the mold...but, that is another story...for my next page on molding.

I took a video of how to make this flask.  If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is worth a million.  (I just made that up)  Hope it is helpful to you!  I figured out how to make it go fast forward through the boreing still came out sort of long though.  Let me know how you like it!  If you click on the youtube link on the video, you can see more information about the video and subscribe to my chanel to view all my videos.

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